31/07/19 - Bus Times 2.6.2 has been submitted to Apple (includes Watch Companion App)

Ever been stood at a Bus Stop wondering when the next bus is? Or sat at home / in the pub wondering if you need to set off yet? There are a couple of way to do this if you are in Yorkshire, but none are specifically aimed at the iPhone.


1.Text the 8 digit bus stop number to 63876 (A text message is charged at your standard outbound rate plus a maximum of 12p for the returned text.) 

2.Use the "YourNextBus Service" at  http://wypte.acislive.com (or http://tsy.acislive.com for South Yorkshire) in Mobile Safari (What a hassle to navigate and remember all your stop numbers)


Now you can have a dedicated app which will store your favourite Bus Stop numbers and present the results in an iPhone / iPad friendly format. With lots of useful features some of which are not available on the web …

• Where available get the REAL arrival time of the busses, not timetabled times, but the actual time the bus is due at your chosen stop via the GPS tracker on the bus.

• Check future arrival times by using the +/- buttons to move an hour or more along the schedules. 

• Store a list of "Favourite Stops" and organise them in Alphabetical order or simply order / rename them as you like.

• Busses with a Live Feed will have their times highlighted in green and show how many minutes until they are due.

• Busses with a Low Floor access for pushchairs and prams are indicated by a blue wheelchair icon on the end of the result.

• You can tap on results to be alerted at your specified number of minutes before the bus is due, so you know when to set off.

• Set an Auto-Refresh time to regularly reload the timetable data (Double Tap at the top of the timetable to enable).

• The app will offer to fall back to SMS if you don't have a Data Connection on your phone.

• Optional Shake to refresh and pull down on the results to refresh times.

• Search for Busses / Stops by Postcode, Bus Number, or search for other bus stops near your current stop.

• Use your phone's GPS to show a map of all the bus stops around you. 

• Our app uses the "text-only" version of the YourNextBus page and doesn't download images etc, this makes its very quick and saves on your data usage.

• Large Text view for Sight Impaired users of iPads (enabled in the settings).


IMPORTANT - Before purchasing we suggest you use the West Yorkshire Public Transport or the Transport South Yorkshire sites linked above to make sure you can see information on the busses and stops you require. We can only provide the same information, so if you cannot find relevant information on their websites, our app will not be able to magically provide it. Additionally as the data is provided by West & South Yorkshire, if you are not in West or South Yorkshire the detailed Bus Service information may not be available for your local services from the Search page, however you will still be able to get the arrival times for your busses using the 8 digit stop numbers anywhere within Yorkshire.

We have thoroughly tested in Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield, Harrogate, Doncaster, Scarborough and York but please ensure your area is covered before purchase.


As before please don't shoot the messenger, if a Bus doesn't arrive or is late, it's not our fault. We can only give you the information publicly available on the West Yorkshire Metro Website.

If you have a problem with the app please contact us via one of the options on the bottom of the Settings page (Email, Facebook, Twitter, Website). We guarantee you will get a quick and personal response to any suggestions and problems. We are unable to reply or contact you from the App Review page so please do not report problems there as we are unable to respond.


New in 2.3.3

* Fixed a bug where if a search failed due to poor network connectivity, subsequent searches may also fail regardless of connectivity.
* Fixed a bug where you could add a favourite with a blank name.

Timetable information provided by West Yorkshire Public Transport Executive (WYPTE). Note: Neither this application or its author is associated with or endorsed by WYPTE