iCompare Prices is a very simple, but extremely useful application. We wrote it for those times when you are at your local Supermarket trying to decide which offer on Beer is the best one to go for. As it's not always the one with the big red Special Offer label on it, and some supermarkets don't display the price per litre. While it was initially written for comparing beer prices, you actually can use it to compare anything. We've added a "Normal Mode" which you can toggle between by shaking the device. 

The app will save settings after each price compare, so if you always compare similar sized items you will only have to adjust the price next time. Additionally there are two sets of settings one for Beer Mode and one for Normal Mode. 

It is also Country Settings aware so if you are in the UK prices will be displayed in £, if you are in the US you will get a $ etc. etc. This is set by going to Settings, General, International, Region Format. 

There are a few other Apps which do similar things, however the best bit about this App is it's FREE, supported by a small iAd banner at the bottom of the screen. 

If you have any suggestions or in the unlikely event of a problem please contact us via the Icons at the bottom of the screen (Email, Twitter, Facebook, WWW). We cannot reply to comments left in the ratings on here, but we can assure you that you will receive a personal reply to any comments you send us via the Application.