Welcome to QRBuddy a no nonsense QR Code Scanner and Creator. No adverts, no signup, no privacy issues, just plain QR Code compatibility for the iPhone/iPad.

After looking round the App Store for something that supported not only QR reading, but also intelligent interpretation of the content in the QR Code. We discovered that most apps are either full of adverts, or require some kind of registration or in app purchases to get the right functionality. They are also very bloated, QRBuddy is very small at around just 2Mb. As with all our apps it is on the lowest price tier, and there will be no further purchase necessary to use all current, and any future, features of the application. 

By default QRBuddy scans the code and places the text in the clipboard, and in a selectable text box so you can copy specific pieces of the information. If it recognises a valid format it will ask if you wish to perform an additional function like creating contacts, events, emails etc. You can also edit the data and re-create new barcodes.

You can scan using either the front or rear camera (Swipe to change between them on the scan screen), or import an image with a QR code from your Camera Roll.

QRBuddy can read all barcodes not just QR codes, and additionally currently supports the following internal formats:

* Add people to your Contacts by scanning a QR Code (MECARD, and vCARD formats)
* Add Calendar Events (vCALENDAR and vEVENT formats)
* Open URL's embedded in QR Codes (URLTO, http, https formats)
* Open GeoLocations in Maps from a QR Code (geo: format)
* Send SMS using details in QR Codes (smsto: format)
* Create draft Emails using details in QR Codes (MATMSG, mailto and SMTP formats)
* Pre-populate Phone numbers to dial that are embedded in QR codes (Confirmation is required before any number can be dialled)
* Read WiFi connectivity details, the iPhone cannot currently utilise this format but we are looking at ways to make using these type of codes better)
* Encoding / Decoding of non-English / emoji Characters